Sometimes brooding and contemplative, sometimes bright and bold, sometimes a bit of each — my work explores the ever-changing nature of nature. 

I would love to create a painting that has the perfect mood for your space. Start by gathering your inspiration... a photograph, a pattern, a color or an idea. We will begin with a phone call where we discuss your thoughts, the artwork that inspires you and how the painting will fit into your space. Using your ideas, I will formulate a sketch we can agree on.  From there, we paint!

Typical Commission Sizes
8x10" / $185
16x20"  / $325
18x24" / $385
20x24" / $500
24x24" / $550
24x36" / $700
36x36" / $900  
36x48" / $1000
40x60" / $1400
custom sizes available!

Commissions take 6-10 weeks to complete and require a 50% deposit to begin. I strive to listen and work with each individual collector's wishes. However, I must stay true to my vision and voice as an artist. Therefore, if you decide the completed commission does not suit your needs, you are not obligated to purchase, and your deposit can be used for store credit. Please also be aware that Stephanie Goos Johnson retains rights to the artwork. The collector can display the artwork in their space but it must not be resold or reproduced for profit without the artist's permission.